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Yeehaw!! Cowgirl is THE best sex position. This one is all about the girl and how she moves her body. The man lies on his back while she rides him. She can then set the speed and depth of penetration. Obviously, the man’s movement is tempered in this position. In fact, some women like this element and add to it by pinning their partner’s arms to the bed while they make love to them.

Why you’d want to:
One of the best things about the Cowgirl Position is the amount of clitoral stimulation it provides. The more the woman leans forward, the better the friction.

Hot hint:
Some women may wish to use lube to make it more comfortable. Move slowly for the most sensual sensation. Alternatively, try facing away from him to better reach the G-spot.

  • Kathleen

    This is my favorite position.

    • Groups Guy

      You love it when your man pushes into your pussy in that position?
      As a woman, you love the control it gives you, allowing you to be the aggressor (instead of the man)?

      • Kathleen

        I always like to start in this position. It gives me more control than say missionary or doggie. I control how deep the guy goes and how fast.
        I also enjoy that it can also be varied. The guy can sit up or he can lie on his back. I enjoy both lying on top of the guy and sitting up with the guy flat on his back. I’m busty, this makes it easier for the guy to fondle my boobs. I enjoy it with my hands on above my head and the guy fondling my boobs.

        For me which ever way I do it, it’s guaranteed to make me climax.

  • Alayah

    Hi, PLEASE where can I find the previous video for this position? Years ago here was posted the video of a young couple, it looked amateur-ish, in a hotel room or something (i dont remember much…). Please if someone knows, say something, THANK YOU!