Speed Bump

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The Speed Bump sex position is surprisingly sexy and can deliver tingling G-Spot sensations for her. Try it when she feels submissive and he wants to play the dominant role.

How to do it:
She lies belly-down with her hips slightly raised. He supports himself on his hands in a half push-up position and guides his penis into her. He can get better access if she pops some cushions under her hips to raise her butt in the air. This also improves the angle for G-Spot stimulation.

Why you’d want to:
With rear entry positions like the Speed Bump sex position you can’t see each other’s faces, so it’s easy to abandon your inhibitions and concentrate on pure pleasure. For her, there’s the erotic vulnerability of being taken from behind, while he can look down and get the porn-style thrill of watching his penis pumping in and out.

Hot hint:
His penis hits her G-Spot squarely on each stroke, increasing her chance of having an explosive vaginal orgasm. The higher she tilts her bottom, the more directly he’ll hit the front vaginal wall. Don’t worry if it feels uncomfortable. The G-Spot is near the urethra, so you may feel like you need to pee. It’s often possible to break through this initial discomfort into a whole new world of pleasure, but don’t get stressed if you don’t.

  • Sexfreak

    my boyfriend dumped me after f****** me several times and getting me pregnent. I watch these for help keeping future guys in bed and also for pleasure cause I have nothing now. Once you taste sex, and then have it taken away, omg it’s horrid.

  • PartyGirl

    nice going dude! wanna f*ck me? I’d love to try these positions. 😉

  • Cowgirl

    These are all great videos, but the oral sex is a little gross. i mean, i’ve tried it and both of us were like… maybe not. Idk why people like it. No offense if you do.

  • Marco Herron

    This video isn’t working

  • Nicole

    I was surprised at how good this position felt! I am 43, dating a gorgeous 52 year old man, who to my delight possess’ an impressive cock! :)) and he knows exactly how to use it on me. The first time he entered me in this position was…well…intense. The sensation of his thick shaft rubbing against my G sent me into orbit. We finished off with me on top (which is his fav) climaxing at the same time