Leap Frog

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A top choice for G-Spot stimulation, the Leapfrog changes the angle of entry and shortens the vagina, making penetration deliciously deeper.

How to do it:
In the regular Doggy Position, the woman supports herself on her hands and the man kneels behind her. In the Leapfrog Position, she leans forward and rests on her elbows, or even on her upper chest, while he stands above her hips and enters at a downward angle.

Why you’d want to:
The Leapfrog Position and other Doggy Style variations are good for a man with a smaller penis, since it has the effect of shortening the vagina and making penetration seem deeper. The Leapfrog heightens the effect because if the woman leans forward it alters the angle of entry and makes it easier to stimulate the G-spot.

Hot hint:
This position can sometimes lead to air being sucked into the vagina. It’s completely harmless, but can lead to some unusual noises.