Spread Eagle

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If a man masters one thing in life it should be this. The perfect position for a quickie or a long slow road to orgasm, in the Spread Eagle she can lie back and truly indulge in the pleasure of oral sex.

How to do it:
The tongue is strong and flexible, and contains more nerves and muscles than most other parts of the body. You can use it as a pointed spear or as a soft, flat spoon. Try a rapid flicking motion or a slow, long caress. Take advantage of this flexibility by moving your tongue around the whole area, using different actions as you go.

Hot hint:
Don’t dive straight onto the clitoris. Move your mouth and hands around – remember, you can insert a finger or two into her vagina as you are licking. And don’t just lick; you can gently blow and suck and bite and hum. Yes hum – it makes your mouth vibrate 🙂