On Your Knees, Please

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Have you ever wondered what would be the best position for a blow job? In this position the man stands up and the woman gets down on her knees – putting her head at just the right spot for the perfect bj.

How to do it
The name explains it all. Make your man stand up, and you get down on your knees.

Why you’d want to
It’s the best view for your man, he can see you capturing his entire dick (more on deepthroat later), he can look into your eyes, he can see your face, hair and eyes, your back and your nice ass. For most men, this is the perfect blow job position.

Hot tip
Make sure to have a carpet or pillow under your knees – or at least something so your knees don’t hurt later on – you have to be fully concentrated and a pain in the knees can destroy your focus. So remember it HAS to be comfortable for you. You have to enjoy it too.