Widely Opened

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A lift of her hips and a curve of her back means constant clitoral contact – and one very happy girlfriend!

How to do it:
She arches her back and lifts her bottom, legs opened wide. He props himself up on his hands for support. Like all face-to-face positions, this one’s derived from the Missionary, except instead of having their bottoms planted on the bed, they’re lifted. Not only is this a brilliant workout for her thighs and bottom (bonus!), it pushes the clitoris against the base of his penis providing friction during thrusting.

Why you’d want to:
It’s a perfect position for maintaining eye-to-eye contact, and great for watching each other orgasm. Raising her hips against his thrusts gives him the feeling she desperately wants him inside her.

Hot hint:
If her thighs or bottom start to ache, put some firm pillows under her (rather grateful) bottom and lower yourselves onto them.