Make It Romantic: 6 Most Intimate Sex Positions

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Sure, fast, sweaty sex is hot, but sometimes its hotter go nice and slow. Try these intimate positions when you want to savor the moment with gentle, loving sex.

Some sex positions encourage a higher level of emotional intimacy. These positions allow a couple to go beyond just the physical sensations, intensifying the intimacy of their lovemaking and giving more of an emotional meaning. Eye contact, kissing, soft touches, trusting, watching … all complement the physical experience, and these six sex positions promote that loving, emotional connection.


Lie on your side with him behind you so you’re both facing the same direction. Push your butt toward him as he enters you. Does your partner sometimes need a little guidance? Put your hand on his and show him how you want your clitoris and breasts to be touched.


Lay down on your back, and have your man lay on top, pacing his arms on either side of your shoulders. His body should be flat against yours. With your legs touching his, push your pelvis up about two inches. Your man should push down gently, providing a little counter-resistance. Instead of the usual in-and-out of thrusting, rock up and down. This should draw out both of your orgasms.


In this simple side-by-side position from The Perfumed Garden, you lie with your faces close together, creating an intimate mood of warmth and tenderness. You each have a free arm to touch and caress your partner, and movements are subtle, allowing you to savor the moment.


Lie down on your stomach and, keeping your legs straight, spread them slightly. Rest your arms by your side, or stretch them out in front of you. Have your guy stretch his body over yours, resting on his elbows so he doesn’t place all his weight on you. He then positions his legs outside your legs. After he enters you close your legs and cross them at the ankles.


At first glance, you might think this is just the same routine missionary position – but this hot move from The Kama Sutra has a secret twist! Use a couple pillows to prop up your butt. Keep your knees half bent, your legs splayed wide — so that your body is extremely open. For an added twist, he should move inside you with slow figure-eight motions, churning rather than in and out thrusting.


Have your guy sit on the floor with his arms stretched out behind him for support and his legs crossed loosely Indian-style. Climb onto his lap so you’re straddling him hold on to his shoulders as you lower yourself onto his erect penis. Lean toward him and keep your bodies close together as you rock slowly.